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Research & Analysis


Research & Analysis

Researchers at Cornell University continue to search for additional and better tools to combat Phytophthora blight in New York. Sometimes this involves testing new and current varieties and breeding lines for resistance to Phytophthora blight. Fungicide trials help to identify new chemical control strategies, and cultural practices are studied for their effects on both crop yield and disease severity. In addition, lab and field studies are being conducted to learn more about the biology of the Phytophthora blight pathogen, including how a field population changes over time, and how the pathogen interacts with plants. To learn more, read the project descriptions below.


Phytophthora Blight Farm: a unique research facility for studying Phytophthora blight

barn at Cornell's  Phytophthora Blight FarmIn response to requests from growers and with support from the New York Farm Bureau and funding from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, we have constructed a special farm for studying Phytophthora Blight at Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) in Geneva, NY.



This nine-acre farm is enclosed by an electric fence and supplied with its own tractor, and tillage and planting equipment (stored in a barn on site). Researchers who work on the farm wear shoes and boots that do not leave the farm and any additional equipment that needs to be temporarily brought onto the farm is thoroughly washed before it leaves. In addition, the other research plots surrounding this farm contain plants that are not susceptible to Phytophthora blight (grapes, fruit trees, shrub willows, small fruit, and turf). These precautions are designed to prevent the movement of Phytophthora capsici (the water mold that causes Phytophthora blight) off of the Phytophthora Farm.


pepper variety trial at Phytophthora Blight FarmThis unique facility allows us to study management strategies for Phytophthora blight in upstate New York, as well as the biology of the pathogen that causes this disease. To the left is a picture of a pepper variety trial conducted at the Phytophthora Farm.





Learn more about on-going Phytophthora blight research:


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Phytophthora on beans



Information on the following projects will be coming soon...


Testing irrigation water for Phytophthora blight






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